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Serenity Now
Argent Dawn (EU) - 379 users

Hello beautiful people of Argent Dawn!

<Serenity Now> is a thriving Horde side guild that's been around for over 3 years - you may have heard of us but if not, here's your chance to know more!

Who are we?

We're a ragtag band of like-minded members who enjoy each other's company, have a laugh and explore Azeroth at whatever pace suits us best.

Basically, we're a community. We don't care about item levels or how raid-progressed you are, or even whether you know the difference between gnomes and gnolls! What we do care about is making you feel at home and spending time (lots or a little) together. We don't mind what we undertake; PvE, PvP, Scenarios, old-school stuff, achievement hunting, endless fishing for that elusive doesn't matter as long as we have fun! We sometimes even attempt new content raiding, although it's usually filled with lots of wipes and elevators deaths, so be warned! There are no scheduled play times, log on any time and you're usually sure to find someone in the green text which is great for when real life takes over.

<Serenity Now> isn't just our guild, it's our home :)

So, what do WE want from YOU?

We want someone who fits in with us! We're a casual/social guild, so we don't care whether your gear is epic or green or whether you've been playing since day one or have literally just stumbled into the game. We care about the person behind the character.

We seek members who are friendly, helpful and respectful. Ideally you'll have a sense of humour too! We don't mind how often or how little you play, although seeing your name in the green text once in a while is definitely a plus! We like to participate in everything the game has to offer and we do this in a patient, supportive and often humourous environment.

While we do not roleplay as a guild, many of our members do so individually. We support the additional roleplaying rules and ask you to abide by them. We have people of every age in our guild - some younger and some quite older people. We do not have a set age minimum requirement but we do ask that you bring a mature attitude :)

So how do you apply?

On our website - will get you there! Make an account, or use one you already have and write us a short application. There's no set format, so just tell us a bit about yourself and we'll get right back to you. Our forums are part of our community and it gives everyone the chance to get to know you a little. We like to undertake decisions as a guild, not just as an officer team :)

Saying that, if you do want to talk to an officer for more information then feel free! There's usually one of us lurking somewhere! You can contact our GM - Kemwer, or any of the officer squad: Azhklan, Kriggle, Tenji or myself (Fizzlaia).

And if you don't see any of those names online, start poking random members as they'll be able to direct you to one of us, especially if we're hiding on an alt. Did we mention we're all altoholics? ;)

We hope to hear from you soon!

The Serenity Now Gang!