Hello there! So you would like to apply to our guild and become a potential new member? That's great to hear, but first there will be a few steps you have to take.

This guide shows you exactly which steps to take in order to make an application on our forums.


You start by clicking on 'register'. You will be taken to the following screen.


Fill in your username (preferably the name of the character you are applying with), your e-mail adress and password. If the captcha is unclear (like here), click on reload.

If everything is filled up, click on "create account".

Woohoo! You now have an account with Enjin.


Go to your e-mailadress and verify your account by clicking on the link.
The link in your e-mail will take you to the following screen. You can now log in.


Your account wil be approved automatically. Your name will have the "applicant" status and is now green.


Then all that remains is making the application itself! Click on the button that says "Forums", and then go to "The Ward" to make a new thread so we can get to know you!


For more information about what we would like to know, please read the following thread: What we would like to know!

Good luck!